Custom made tables from Icon Custom Furniture

Dining Table

This unique solid wood dinning table is perfect for someone that requires a blend of modern and classic design.

Simple Coffee Table

This solid Mahogany piece can be used as a bench or a coffee table with its small details each as visable box-joint construction.

Rustic Desk

Made of salvaged steel and lumber this desk is a perfect addition to any renewables concious workplace.

Asian Inspired

This Asain inspired entertainment center can also be made as a coffee table. The solid Black Walnut doors and glass top are what makes this piece one you will cherish forever.

Concrete Console

The combination of metal and concrete make this worktable durable and beautiful.

Low Coffee Table

This hard Maple entertainment center doubles as a modern coffee table.

Outdoor Table with Suzie Benches

This handcrafted cement top and metal base table is a unique addition to any backyard.